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About Us

Our Mission

We give power to the dreams of student-athletes in athletics through our incredible programs. Our goal is to keep our youth, especially at-risk and under privileged involved in sports throughout the year and learning to live a healthier, smarter, more productive life and most importantly off the streets. These are our future leaders.

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Core Values

Dedication- The foundation of our program. It takes discipline, being uncomfortable, and sacrifice to achieve greatness. One must be 100% bought-in, 100% of the time.

Excellence - We strive to be the best in all aspects of life. We strive to do things the right way all the time. We strive for perfection. 

Competition - Instilling the mindset of always competing in every aspect of life. It’s not enough to work hard, one must be willing to go further than others.

Brotherhood- We’re one family. We hold each other responsible. What happens stays.  We care for each other. We are responsible for each other.

Education - Never stop learning. From the players to the parents to the coaches, the need to know more never ends. Growth and development is not only encouraged, it's demanded. Lack of knowledge is harmful. Learning never stops.

Accountability - Everyone is responsible for their lives. They are responsible for themselves, their choices, and their future. We must all learn self-reliance.



Every student-athlete should be able to attend their dream college, discover their life’s purpose, actualize their aspirations, and reach their ultimate potential, regardless of any circumstance

Founders Creed

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